Bit O' Bling

Designed especially for the 2016 Beading in the Ozarks, it is now available as a workshop.   A Right Angle Weave bracelet that will also make a stunning necklace.   Photo coming soon of the necklace version.  

Meant for You  

Cover Me with Kisses

A right angle weave project  beaded with an interesting twist.   3mm Swarovski pearls and 4mm Swarovski crystals.   Firepolish would certainly be another option.    

Workshop  Schedule - 2017

Enough is Enough 

Brand new for 2017!    This one is so much fun to make. that I couldn't stop.   Right Angle Weave done with an interesting twist that makes this a special layered bracelet.  ​

Loose Smooch

Quick, catch that smooch on the loose!   We don't want any to go to waste.  A right angle weave bracelet embellished with Swarovski crystals and pearls and secured by a hidden snap clasp.    

Metalsmith Match

Version 201

Like the beer that made Milwaukee famous, this is a version of my first project that received attention.  The cover of B&B.  A bangle was the very first thing I wanted to make.  After many tries and my relentless nature, I think I came up with a pretty good one.  The perfect bracelet to learn layered Right Angle Weave.​  Its a classic that I keep around!


Brand new for 2016!  A bracelet with an actual backdrop.  Layered Right Angle Weave, 6mm pearls and 11/0s and 8/0s in metal seed beads.   ​While the pearls might be the "stars", the backdrop is what makes them so.  

All Night Long 

Two layers of pretty.  Right Angle  Weave components connected  with even more bling. 

Tickle My Fancy

A right angle weave cuff with a hidden snap closure. Embellished with your favorite crystals.   Whatever spot you might want to tickle, this will do the trick. 

Hanky Panky 

A little bit of CRAW, RAW and throw in some Peyote.   Makes a great bracelet or necklace.   

Shelley Nybakke

Decolletage Drop

Brand new for 2016!   It's a sexy word, "decolletage".   Combine that word with "drop"  and what do you have? Saggy Boobies.     A Right Angle Weave project with some interesting components that can be used in versatile ways.  

Savannah Heat

Designed specifically for the Old South Bead Retreat in Savannah, GA.  in September.   I hope to see a lot of my friends there.   I love love love Savannah.   The first time I visited there I was with my best girlfriends.  We were staying at Tybee Island but decided to go into Savannah.  It was a day of record breaking heat index.  It was also a day of rarely passing by a bar for a nice cold drink.  Needless to say, I have some really good memories of Savannah.  But it was HOT!   

Night Moves 

Brand new for 2017 and designed for the Heart of Texas Bead Retreat in September.  It will be available after that date for a workshop.  ​

These are my workshops that I teach at various bead stores and for bead societies around the country.  Because of my intense dislike of dealing with kits, I do not teach at any of the shows. That is one of  my choices that keeps beading FUN for me.  My current workshops that I am teaching are not for sale.  My retired workshops are for sale and they can be found in my Etsy shop, "SturdyGirlDesigns", along with many other tutorials  that didn't make the workshop status.  


January 28                                                    CATCH UP CLASS                                             LaBeadOh!, Springfield, IL  

February 11                                                 TBA                                                                   Pumpkin Glass, Peoria, IL

February 19-26                                           Kissin' Time                                                       The Mermaid Cruise
                                                                      Detour from Normal                                        South Palm Beach Bead Society
                                                                      Bit O' Bling 

March 30- April 2                                         Jamba Drop                                                      Shreveport Bead Retreat

April 15                                                        Tickle My Fancy                                                LaBeadOh, Springfield, IL 

​May 4 - 8                                                       Backdropped                                                 Alaska Bead Company, Anchorage, AK 
                                                                       Tickle My Fancy
                                                                       Loose Smooch
                                                                       Cover Me with Kisses

May 19-21                                                     Kissin' Time                                                    Bedecked & Beadazzled, Lutherville, MD   
                                                                       Meant for You  

June 8-11                                                    BEAD & BUTTON SHOW, MILWAUKEE, WI  - BOOTH NO.  724 with my 
                                                            Friends, The Bead Gypsies!!  

July 7-9                                                     Hanky Panky                                                         Beads by Blanche, Bergenfeld, NJ
                                                                  Enough is Enough

July  22-23                                                Enough is Enough                                                City Beads, Chicago, IL
​                                                                  Hanky Panky 

August 19                                                 Enough is Enough                                                LaBeadOh!, Springfield, IL

September 15                                           Savannah Heat                                                    Old South Bead Retreat, Savannah, GA

September 22-24                                     Night Moves                                                       Heart of Texas Bead Retreat , Austin, TX

​October 27 -29                                         TBA                                                                       The Beaded Owl, Long Beach, MS  

November 3-5                                           TBA                                                                      Donna's Beads, Sarasota, FL  

November 17-19                                       TBA                                                                      Bead & Glass Boutique, Pitman, NJ   

December 3-4                                           TBA                                                                      Creative Castle, Newbury, CA

December 16                                            TBA                                                                       LaBeadOh!, Springfield, IL