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my story

Shelley Nybakke

 A sincere thank you to all my beading friends and my family that puts up with it all!

I have always had a passion for doing something with my hands. Knitting, needlepoint, cross stitch, playing piano and of course eating cookies.  Little did I know that this training would be the foundation to what would become a bonafide passion the day I discovered beads. Now I just bead......and eat cookies and watch that piano gather dust.   

I live in Central Illinois, grew up on a farm not too far away, and lived out in the country for many many years.  I'm now a town girl having moved to Normal a few years ago.  Yes, Normal is the name of the town.  Not me.

I love to travel and thanks to my beading life, I get that opportunity frequently.   I have met and become friends with beaders around the world for which I am  thankful  and which has been the best benefit of beading.   And the patience beading has taught me.  For that I am grateful too.   

‚ÄčAnd my grandson, Jules, is the apple of my eye.   He doesn't bead yet but we do share cookies!